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RSMA is so blessed for its members to have the opportunity to travel to the country of Indonesia to study martial arts and the culture of Indonesia.  Our trip ran from Thursday May 23, 2015 through Saturday June 6, 2015.  It was a journey to reach Indonesia that takes 22.5 hours of actual plane travel which from the east cost of the united state equates to about two days.  But it was a pilgrimage well worth it.  

Before saying anything else we want to thank Guru Bahati Mershant, Mas Siget, Guru Daniel Prasetya and Guru Jake Richter.



Without them this trip would never have been possible. Their willingness to share teach, encourage and share their resources with us is unparalleled.  A trip like this can only broadened our horizons and sharpened are skill sets and at the very least we now have we have a better understanding of Indonesia, its people and their very unique traditions.

Bandung (May 23 - May 26, 2015)

After two days of travel Master Michael Reid, Sifu Westin Otto, Sifu Taylor Nichols and Mr. Kireeti Sangadal arrived in Jakarta where they met Guru Bahati Mershant and immediately we took ground transport to Bandung.

In Banding we explored the city on foot and by cab. Worked to understand the driving patterns and rules, which are quite different than in the USA, visited the financial and tourist areas as well as popular eating establishments and cultural landmarks. 

On Sunday May 24, 2015 the group was privileged to receive over 16 hours of training in traditional Sunda Silat (Martial Arts).  The groups training began with Abah Gending of Garis Paksi. "Garis Paksi" is an organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional Sunda Silat systems so as not to loose the traditional culture and ways of the Sundanese who have inhabited the Archipelago for centuries. Abah Gending is the head of the organization he personally instructed our group to 8 hour of traditional training in the Indonesian sun.  

Because of Guru Bahati’s relationship with his teacher he showed his instructors system that is considered “Pusaka" (treasured) and not taught very often.   The training was tough and included exercise, breathing, footwork “lankas” , hand techniques “jurus”, application and many other details of Sunda Silat “martial arts"

On Monday May 25, 2015 the group visited Guru Besar Muhamad Rafijen.  Guru Besar Rafijen teach the art of Maenpo Peupeuhan Adung Rais (MPAR).  Guru Besar Rafijen is also a film maker and movie star in Indonesia producing and starring in quite a number of martial arts films.  


His art of Maenpo Peupehuan is considered the fastest of the Sunda styles and their is no question of his power and speed.  In our 4 hour training session Guru Basar Rafijen made sure that we understood the philosophy behind his art and how he uses it.  He trained us in the foundational lanakas, jurus and techniques of Maiempo.

On Tuesday May 26, 2015 we received more closed door training form a flag bearer of the Chimande system of martial arts Ky Yudha Winata.  This system of Cimande is considered the mother art of Sunda silat with a direct lineage that goes back into the 1600’s.  Ky Yuda Winata does not train his system publicly and it was because of his relationship with Guru Bahati that this opportunity for enrichment was possible.  

In great details our 4 hour session covered the fundamental elements of Chimande, how they are utilized and the concepts that differentiate Chimande from other systems of martial arts found in Java. After training Ky Yudha Winata was not done with us.  He works with gems and it was through him we were able to purchase real stones and high quality “Pendekar Rings” that contain unique special properties!

Yogikarta (May 26 - May 31, 2015)

Well this was quite an experience. As soon as we arrived at the Inti Ombak compound it was clear that we were at camp and on the first night the matts were rolled out and we were sleeping on the floor.  

It really was not that bad and we had very nice bathroom facilities and for certain there is a different camaraderie that you develop when you are with a group.  If you know Guru Daniel Prasetya at all you know that he is going to keep you very busy and that in itself in an under statement. 

We we arrived on Tuesday May 26, 2015 we found ourselves training Central Java Silat “martial arts” and shortly after that there was a discussion of Healing, the plurality of our world and how this relates to martial arts and personal development.  And after this there was a discussion of Orbs, what they are and how they can be seen. 

Wednesday Evening May 27, 2015

On Wednesday after traveling to visit Mas Siget the group took a day trip to Budorbudor was awesome. 

We had a great tour guide and I learned quite a it about Buddhism, its history, how the temple was built, the significance of all the images and saw some awesome topography and temple workmanship. We learned what was restored and what could not be restored.

Upon return to the compound that evening the group trained Sunda Silat with Guru Besar Bambang Suwanda the brother of the Ambassador of Silat and first full blooded Indonesian to bring Silat to the United States Guru Besar Herman Suwanda who was also one of Guru Bahati Mershant’s three primary instructors.  Guru Besar Suwanda was assisted by Guru Leo who is his student from Hawaii who has the most personal hours of training with him.

Thursday May 28, 2015

Thursday was once again full of activity.  After our morning visit to Mas Siget’s for breakfast we headed off for a festival and special brunch with one of the martial arts school.  We then watched one of the best martial arts demos ever presented.  

Master Reid was recognized with the special guest and ranking Masters and both he and Guru Bahati performed as part of the Masters Demonstration.  

A full day already behind us we next visited a special spiritual location that was utilized by the Hamengkubuwono I - the first king of the Mataram-Jojia Kingdom (of which Guru Danial Sulestya Agung Prasetya is a direct descendant).  Here we participated in a very special water ceremony before finally retiring for the evening.


Friday  May 29, 2015

On Friday our group traveled deep into the mountain jungle  to help raise the roof on the new Inti Ombak complex that will be utilized for tourism and for martial arts camps and training and healing and internal retreats.

Once the roof was raised the group headed off to one of the waterfalls to cool off and enjoy nature.  

That evening upon arrival back at camp the group was treated more Indonesia Healing and energetic high level practices as they were joined by Adithya Sang.

Adji Saka who demonstrated a number of very high level energetic demonstrations of Gendam that are normally only written about in a book or spoken of in a documentary.  Everyone there was blessed to see his demonstrations and here his instruction.

Saturday  May 30, 2015

This was a bit slower day.  Healing, massage and acupuncture was taught during the morning.

In the evening Guru Bahati Mershant received a special promotion in the healing arts of Lakutama for his years of dedicated service and personal progress that make him the highest ranking non Indonesian in the organization. And this was followed up with and explanation the water ceremony and the images taken on film at the ceremony.

Sunday May 31, 2015 - Yojakart

This was a big day.  We traveled to meet Guru Daniel’s teacher who as an Ambassador for Silat for Indonesia to Russia in the 1950’s and 1960’s and we also traveled to the homes of several of the ranking Guru’s and Pendekar’s who had been helping with the camp at the compound

Next came the biggest martial arts parade that any of our group had ever seen.  The number of participants ranged between 5,000 to 7,000 participants.

RSMA was represented by Sifu Wes Otto, Sifu Taylor Nichols and Mr. Kireeti Sangadala. Sifu Wes, Sifu Taylor and Kireeti were just behind the Inti Ombak, banner and flags and just ahead of the drums. 

Throughout parade stops they performed Fu Jow, Mustika Kweetang, Mande Mudha, Musteeka Kweetang Applications and Mr. Kireeti Sangadla had a special performance Flying Fu Jow Before the Indonesian Prime Minister of Culture and Education. Master Reid and Guru Bahati filmed and took pictures.

Bali (June 1 2015 - June 5, 2015)

Our group loved Bali was cool.  The first thing they did after arriving was train with Guru Besar Bangbam Suwanda at Guru Bernard Chongs Southeast Asian Martial Arts camp.  

After that is was fun in the sun time as the group relaxed on the beach, bartered with venders, spent time in Kuda, Hbud and Sanuar, did some sigh seeing, ages some great food and looked for bargains!

Overall a great trip and the group is looking forward to possibly doing it again in the not to distant future! 

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