Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts would like to congratulate all of our January 2014 youth students who earned promotions at our January 30, 2015 youth graduation ceremonies.  

Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts Pre-Graduation Photo

Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts Pre-Graduation Photo

You guys were absolutely fabulous.  We are so proud of each and everyone one of you.  Weather you were demonstrating your skill in Kick Boxing, Kung Fu, Self Defense Techniques (Chin Na), working with weapons (Nunchaku, Short Stick or Staff) or demonstrating your Black Belt Excellence through behavior or answering important questions concerning goal setting or self improvement,  you guys were phenomenal.  

School Creed Video

Many thanks to our RSMA Premier students for taking the time to come and demonstrate higher level skills and forms/katas.  You guys were excellent and set a high bar for our Little Champs and Kidz program students to reach for!

RSMA Premier Demo Team

RSMA January 2015 Belt Promotions

Little Champs (5-7)

  • Nazsir Blake - Yellow Orange/Stripe Belt
  • Khari Mayfield Jr. - Yellow Orange/Stripe Belt
  • Khaled Blake - White/Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Stella Kane - White/Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Alex Pritt - White/Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Sarina Rizvi - Half Yellow Half White Belt
  • Sam Rogers - White/Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Vazir Usmonov - White/Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Amir Usmonov - White/Yellow Stripe Belt

Kidz (9-12) 

  • Jahnvi Bhagat - Green Belt
  • Michael Coombs - Green Belt
  • Katherine Herr - Green Belt
  • Krish Bhagat - Purple Belt
  • Kacie Cole - Purple Belt
  • Callen Cole - Purple Belt
  • James Thompson III - Purple Belt
  • Joel George - Orange Belt
  • Alisha Rizvi - Orange Belt
  • Kelsey Swart - Yellow Belt
  • Cameron Swart - Yellow Belt
  • Cole Wallace - Yellow Belt

Kidz (9-12) Advanced

  • Frank Pastorino VI - 1st Brown Belt
  • Caroline Hall - 2nd Brown Belt
  • Marissa Jones - 2nd Brown Belt
  • Nia Labriel - 2nd Brown Belt
  • Annika McGrew - 2nd Brown Belt
Thank you Parents & Supporters!

Thank you Parents & Supporters!