Rare Opportunity

To See and Learn "Hawaiian Lua" Martial Arts

Join us at RSMA for the opportunity to engage Hawaiian culture and learn self-defense from one of the world’s highest ranking and skilled martial artists. Kumu Michelle has spent her life empowering women and in her first visit to Atlanta, welcomes the opportunity to work with and inspire as many students as she can.  

Kumu Michelle Manu

Event Registration

Kumu Michelle will offer three workshops on Hawaiian Lua, the traditional martial arts of Hawaii, for and incredible price point of $150.


  • Thursday February 5, 2015 - “Lua Fundamentals”
  • Saturday February 7, 2015 - “Lua Empty Hand”
  • Sunday February 8, 2015 - “Lua Weapons”
Hand Made "Lua" Weapons

Hand Made "Lua" Weapons

Kuma Michelle & RSMA will also FREE COMMUNITY SERVICE Worshops!

  • Friday’s February 6, 2015 class will teach women how to effectively defend themselves at close quarters against larger, stronger male assailants. 
  • On Saturday February 7, 2015 Kumu Michelle will teach the “keiki’s,” or children, about Hawaiian Martial arts and culture.   

This will truly be a special weekend!  
Space is limited, so please register by Clicking Here or call (770)-422-9250 or email marietta@reidshaolinmartialarts.com to reserve your spot for the rare opportunity to learn "Hawaiian Lua" or to register for the Free Community Events.




Kumu Manu has this wonderful advice for women:

  • “Relentlessly love and be kind to yourself
  • Consciously choose to live in the now and in a state of receptivity and gratitude
  • Let go of the past because the past no longer exists unless you choose to continue to relive it
  • Throw out any self-condemnation or poor self-talk. This is not useful
  • Make purposeful and conscious decisions as every decision you make is either life-supporting or life-depleting
  • Let people off the hook for past hurts
  • Let go of past events
  • Forgive yourself for past events
  • Put yourself first (this is difficult)
  • Show up! No excuses
  • You are responsible for effort, not outcome
  • Train smart in all things
  • Accept everyone for who they are but still do not accept poor behavior
  • Keep your word to yourself and keep appointments you set with yourself
  • Work towards accomplishing and experiencing what you want to during this lifetime
  • On the mat, and in all of life, you are equal. Sometimes you are more if you are in tune with your innate intuitive nature
  • Never apologize for your strength or for ‘hitting like a man’”