Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts would like to thank Guru Daniel Prasetya for taking his time to visit Atlanta and share his expertise with our group. Guru Daniel arrived on Friday September 12, 2014. He was met by and had dinner with a number of RSMA students at Blue Moon Pizza in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Students got to know Guru Daniel and converse with him outside the training floor. Many questions about Martial Arts training, Karate, Kung Fu, MMA, and traditional Silat training in Indonesia were answered -- and the pizza was also pretty good!

On Saturday September 13, 2014 Guru Daniel taught his first workshop. The focus was on empty hand techniques, geometric movement and the foundational principles that are learned, internalized and applied throughout Guru Daniel's system of Inti Ombak. RSMA Tai Chi/Internal Students, Kung Fu Students and Kids from our Youth Program were give the opportunity to learn movements, understand the principles, drill these principles and then learn applications based upon principalities universal to all martial arts.

The second workshop of the day focused on bladed concepts. Many of the movements were intentionally similar, but the usage of the techniques were guided by the realities of bladed combat. Guru Daniel once again shared drills and sequential learning techniques that involved footwork, hand coordination and foundational principles, along with a glimpse of how the blade is utilized for real self-defense and self-protection at real speed.

To conclude our day, a group of RSMA instructors traveled with Master Reid and Guru Daniel to Maggiano's Little Italy at Perimeter Mall where Head Chef Charrod Solomon treated us to some truly great dishes as we did things Family Style!

Day two featured a change to Internal aspects of personal development and martial arts.  Guru Daniel taught a series of energetic movements that when combined with breathing, proper position and focus are designed to strengthen our resolve, increase our focus and allow us to develop a greater sensitivity with regards to the mind, spirit and body connection, as well as how we as human beings relate to the world that we live in.  Guru Daniel shared quite a bit of insight and fielded numerous questions centered on internal development and how various breathing strategies can be used to do such things as heal and promote power development and transfer.  As an added bonus he taught how the movements that he had been teaching us for martial arts are utilized for healing and massage. He also held a lengthy discussion of the mindset that is necessary to become a healer.

Guru Daniel closed out his RSMA workshops by focusing on stick and staff techniques. In these classes Guru Daniel took simple drills and taught to the level of each student, which was quite an impressive feat, as there were students on the floor as young as 7 years old with only a couple of years experience up to practitioners with over four decades of training.

We look forward to hosting Guru Daniel again in the 2015 and some of us hope to possibly be joining Guru Bahati and Guru Daniel in Java if we are so fortunate!

Michael Reid

6th Degree Shaolin Master