It has been a bit since the last newsletter and wow, there have been just so many wonderful and meaningful events that have taken place!  I will  try to just highlight what has taken place and keep things moving.  On a national level, I was blessed to be nominated, accepted and inducted into the Masters Martial Arts Hall of Fame on August 1, 2014 in Long Beach, California. This is a tremendous honor that I am very proud of.  Click here to see Master Reid inducted into Master Martial Arts Hall of Fame Press Release.

While in California I ran into Guru Daniel Prasetya, who was marketing a new martial arts teaching platform called Martial Codex.

I also was blessed to meet many fine people and practitioners. One of whom was Kumu Michelle Manu, a 9th Degree Black Belt in Kaihewalu Lua.  This is the same Lua family as Guru Bahati.  She is a very skilled martial artist and I may bring her to Atlanta later this year to share her knowledge (and a few lumps... lol).  Stay tuned.  

I traveled to Denver and tested students of Sifu Curtis Letson and Dragon Hand Martial Arts on Friday August 15, 2014.  The group worked very hard and represented their Sifu and club very well.  On Saturday August, 2014 I taught a number of workshops covering Kuntao/Silat, Classical Pa Kua, Hsing-i and Praying Mantis (Praying Mantis Group Photo Is Below).      

I also got a chance to work with Sifu Curt and Simu Krissee.  Plus to top things off, I got a chance to spend some time with Bapak  Willem DeThouars and see some of my college classmates.  So blessed!!!

On the home front we have also had plenty of activities and events take place.  Another year of Outdoor Conditioning is in the books!  We had our End Of Summer Party, and what a celebration it was!  The same weekend we worked our first promotional booth as Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts at GTC Cobb 12 Theaters for the opening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I want to thank our staff and students for all of their support and assistance over the three days.  We could not have been successful without you guys!  

Last weekend we hosted our August 2014 Beginners Martial Arts Workshop and had a nice turn out. The students enjoyed their lesson so much that they have decided to stay and continue training at our school!

Today we had our first students EARN their White Belts in our Youth Martial Arts Program.  Callen ColeKacie ColeSam RogersGrayson HightowerEli Ashburn, demonstrated Horse Stance, Bo Stance, Sparring Stance, Ready Stance, Jab, Jab-Cross, Shaolin-Ready Position and Recited the School Creed.  I am very proud of their efforts! 

Our school transition continues to move forward and I do truly believe that our modifications and adjustments will make for better business and a strong school. You may not know that we have been redesigning and updating our school location site.  Bookmark the new url: mariettashaolinmartialarts.com. The site has design and feel to match our primary site,  in another few days the design parameters will be complete.   

Videos to assist you with your training will also soon be available.  Please keep in mind that training and detail information takes place in class.  The video will be for reference only and with this comes mandatory class attendance requirements for rank advancement.  Check back over the next few days and you will find the PDF of the new class training format for Lower Sash Kung Fu (White-Green), Brown Sash Kung Fu (Brown-Probationary Black), Level 1 Black Sash Kung Fu (1st & 2nd Black).  The new material instructional format will make for far more training time in class and better delivery of material to all of our students.  As a training aid we have now purchased 4 new Wave Master Bags.  Get your bang on!!!

Want Apparel/Equipment? We have some beautiful new back packs that are really nice.  Current students may purchase them for $25.

We have some new lime green t-shirts for kids and black shirts for adults that will be here in a couple of weeks and for Guru Daniel's visit in September 2014 we have a really nice Ohana design that will be on the back of this Black shirt.  I will offer an embroidered front as an option for those who order before September 5, 2014.  After that I will order a limited amount of shirts with the logo silk screened on the front.  The shirt features some of the family arts affiliations that we are blessed to currently work with.   

Last but not least I want to plug our next FREE Community "Kids Martial Arts For Concentration Workshop" that will take place on Saturday September 6, 2014 at 10am at Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts.  Spread the word to kids ages 5 to 12 and we would love to have them in the building as we go over how martial arts and concentration go together and how this can lead to positive things in their lives.

Ok that was a mouthful, time to stop typing and go train!


Michael Reid - 6th Degree Shaolin Master 

Words of Wisdom


"One of the things my teacher told me was, to never put down other martial arts styles..I also interpreted that statement to mean that it applied to people as well...Martial arts, like life itself, depends on us focusing our energies on improving our individual lives...Our everyday choices should make the impact we would like on our life and the world around us. A moment of consideration, is the simplest and most powerful tool we possess to change our life and the world around us".  -  Grandmaster Shelton R. Moreland  


  • Congratulations to Thai Nyguen on earning his promotion to Probationary Black Sash in our Adult Kung Fu Program.
  • Congratulations to Malvika Duphare on earning her promotion to Brown Sash in our Adult Kung Fu Program.
  • Congratulations to Nancy Fritsch on earning his her promotion to Brown Sash in our Internal Arts Program.
  • Congratulations to Nazsir Blake on earning his promotion to Jr. Yellow Belt in our Youth Kung Fu Program.
  • Congratulations to David Blake on earning his promotion to Yellow Sash in our Adult Kung Fu Program.
  • Congratulations to Lloyd James on earning his promotion to Gold Sash in our Internal Arts Program.
  • Congratulations to Callen & Kacie on earning their Jr. White Belts.
  • Congratulations to Grayson Hightower, Elie Ashburn & Sam Rogers on earning their Jr. White Belts.

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