A new school year is upon us which for many families signal a new journey or chapter in the family life. I personally love this time of year. Most of us have high expectations and are bubbling with enthusiasm to see our heartfelt desires come true.  Martial arts is a great way as adults to keep ourselves on point and moving toward our goals. For our kids I have found it to be one of the most positive developmental activities that any child can be involved in. Yes that is correct the 6 year retired NFL veteran who does love the game of football thinks a far wider cross section of young people can learn the same lessons or possibly more in the training hall as compared to the grid iron.  

We would love to see you and want you to come train with us at Reid's Shaolin Martial Art!  For those of you who take the Shaolin Challenge we have a fabulous year of training and development opportunities waiting on you. If you can't train with us then I want you to train someplace. There are some excellent Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ji jutsu & Kung Fu teachers located through out metropolitan Atlanta. Some teach in larger commercial facilities, some teach at the YMCA, some teach in the park and still others teach out of their house and they each have something valuable to share. So to conclude we want you hear training with us at Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts, but if you cannot make then please find someplace convenient for you that is the right fit and train, train, train martial arts somewhere!

Master Michael Reid