Marianne Butler Celebrated Her 7th Birthday with RSMA on Saturday October 18, 2014.  Marianne donned her Honorary Black Belt for the day and proceeded to have a fantastic time with her troop of supporters.  Martial Arts Games and Martial Arts Training were in full effect and team Marianne really enjoyed themselves.  RSMA would like to thank Marianne and the Butler family for choosing to celebrate their Birthday Party with RSMA!

"My daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday here and everyone had a blast! Master Reid and his instructors did an amazing job introducing the kids to martial arts and kept them entertained for hours. My daughter felt incredibly special wearing her Kung Fu uniform and black belt and was excited to lead her friends in a number of martial arts exercises. Highlights included games (some parents even got involved!), board breaking, a piñata, a weapons demonstration by black belt instructors, and my daughters' favorite part, cutting her birthday cake with a sword! It was also nice having the entire center to ourselves for the party, including a room for games and activities, and a room for cake and presents. In addition to the fun and games, the kids learned a lot about the history of martial arts, self-control, and discipline. Master Reid and his instructors really did an excellent job catering to the needs of each of the kids at the party and made sure everyone was having fun. Parents, if you're looking for a place to celebrate your child's birthday where the kids can have fun, learn a lot, and get some exercise, you won't find a better place than Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts! Thanks again for the experience!!"

Joel Butler

Parents if you are looking for a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday, contact us (770) 422-9250 or and we will make it happen!