Master Reid discusses Dr. George Loves's visit to Atlanta.  His thoughts on food, holistic healing and internal arts training and what the students who were blessed to attend "The Blue" Dragon's Workshops were able to learn and take away from these great training opportunities

February 2017 Workshop Information

  • Detoxification Transformation & Asian Food Therapy
  • Psycho-puncture & Tibetan Dream Programing
  • Three Treasures Qi Gong - Jing -> Qi -> Shen
  • Tea Cup Qigong, Flying Dragon Qigong, Flying Buddha Palm Qigong
  • Liver Dance Qigong, Animal Dance Qigong
  • Historical Correlation & Relationship of Taoism, Shamanism & Development of Natural Healing 
  • Neidan (Internal) & Waidan (External)
  • Martial Qigong, Medical Qigong & Spiritual Qigong

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