From having owned and instructed at Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts schools now for over 20 years, I know all too well that confidence is not only one of the main factors that children need to be happy, healthy, and successful, but it is also one of the main benefits that parents are looking for their children to gain from Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts training.

1.       Good Finding. Our instructors are taught to be “Good Finders”. They are constantly looking for opportunities to praise and complement our students. Instead of always pointing out what a student is doing wrong, we are always trying to point out what they do right! This approach to teaching motivates the children though continuous positive energy.

2.       We Give A’s First. Our Instructors “Always Give an A First”. Our instructors at Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts understand that by complimenting children for their efforts, not just results, no matter how minor, motivates a student to try that much harder. Trying harder brings the child even better results and those results will develop true confidence. Then the cycle repeats.

3.       Belt Ranking. Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts has a unique way of setting goals and showing the progression of those goals, and that is though our Belt Ranking system. A beginning student starts as a white belt and moves though goals of different color belt ranks as they meet different physical, mental and curriculum requirements. This goal setting/learning and rewarding/goal accomplishment system rewards children for their efforts and progress and developments a strong foundation of confidence and continue to grow and grow.  

4.       Self Defense. Children develop confidence at Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts though our self-defense instruction. In is no secret that children that have a sense of well-being and security are confident and happy. Self-defense training is part of every class a child takes at Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts.

5.       Fitness. With the childhood obesity rates skyrocketing in the U.S. It has never been more important that children learn and develop positive habits of nutrition and fitness. Beside health concerns for a child’s future, it is important to understand that a negative self-image is the main “killer of confidence”. Sadly our society continues to put more and more emphasis on how a person looks on the outside than what kind of person they are on the inside. How a child thinks about themselves is directly related to how they feel about themselves. If they think they are overweight and un- attractive, then this attitude will likely result in decreasing their confidence and self-worth. At Reid’s Shaolin Martial Arts, we teach our children valuable life lasting lessons on nutrient and fitness. Through our training we develop happy, healthy, confident, successful children! 

Michael Reid

Founder of Reid's Shaolin Martial Arts